Did You Know?

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How do I create my account at hackwhat?

It’s so easy to get started with your own hackwhat account Go to https://www.hackwhat.com. Click

How do I report spam?

Step1: Firstly click on the three dots menu from the top right corner. Step2: Click

How do notifications work?

hackwhat community offers both in-app and email notifications so that you can stay up to

How do I follow posts?

Members can “follow” a post to be notified in-app whenever there’s a new comment. Additionally,

How can I embed HTML or JavaScript within pos

Being able to add your own HTML code inside a post is a feature that

What image dimensions should I use for post c

Using cover images and thumbnail images (card view layout only) is a great way to

How to add videos for the post?

Option 1: Embed a link One easy way to insert a video into your topic

How to add images for the post?

There are a few different ways to incorporate your images into your posts! Option 1:

How can I embed content within posts?

With hackwhat, you can easily embed content from other sources. By using the embed feature

Ok, I’ve joined the hackwhat community.

Step1: Firstly you have to click on Join the Space button before creating a new