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How do notifications work?

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hackwhat community offers both in-app and email notifications so that you can stay up to date on the most important activity in your community. Admins can control the default notification settings for posts published within spaces. Personal notifications for comments, mentions, and likes are available at the member level by navigating to Settings → Notifications. Let’s dive into the details!

hackwhat community will notify you and your members about activity in real-time. A screenshot of in-app notifications is provided below. At present, we’ll push notifications whenever:

  • Someone comments on your post
  • Someone replies to your comment
  • Someone likes your post or comment
  • Someone mentions you in a post or comment
  • Someone posts something new in a space you’re a member of

Customize default notification references for your membersCustomize the default notifications that apply to any members that join a space by navigating to Space → Settings.

Email notifications for new spaces default to Pinned posts only, which helps ensure that new members are not overwhelmed with updates.

Customize your own personal notificationsChoosing just when and how to get notified about activity within Circle was a little tedious, so we’ve redesigned our Settings → Notifications screen to now include all notification settings in one clean layout.

This page now also includes space-level notifications for new posts with a 1-click way to change all of them, so you and your members don’t have to go into individual spaces too, for example, disable all email notifications for new posts.

Here are your notification settings for this hackwhat community.

In Settings -> Notifications, you’ll find community-wide notification settings for mentions, replies, likes, and comments — for both email and in-app.

You can also set your preferences within a space for quick one-off modifications.

It’s worth thinking about what you want the ideal member experience to be so they don’t get bombarded with emails!